With this course, you will learn various techniques and concepts from the Yoshitsune system with 2 comprehensive video lessons per week!

INF Introduction

Ed Shanley, a retired police officer and defensive tactics instructor introduces the INF System built by Soke Michael De Pasquale Sr., Soke Michael De Pasquale Jr., and others.

Michael De Pasquale, Jr.

Your Instructor:

Michael De Pasquale, Jr. was quite literally born to be a Martial Arts Master. The son of the late Michael De Pasquale, Sr., Grandmaster of the Yoshitsune Waza style of Ju-Jitsu, Michael Jr’s Martial Arts career began at the early age of five. He presently holds the coveted rank of Soke (Grandmaster) in Yoshitsune Ju-Jitsu . He has completed and has been certified by the FBI Instructors’ program.

Soke Michael DePasquale Jr. is a highly skilled Jujutsu Master, and has carried on the tradition of Yoshitsune Waza Ju-Jitsu along with developing his own Combat Yoshitsune Jujitsu system. Soke DePasquale Jr. was the publisher/editor of Karate International Magazine and the author of several books on self-defense. He travels extensively, conducting seminars on self-defense with other renowned martial artists.